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Relaxing on the bed.
(Mar 23rd, 2012)

Laying in front of the fireplace.
(Mar 20th, 2012)

My 2011 Christmas portrait.
(Dec 25th, 2011)

Thanksgiving 2011, back safely after I escaped through the fence!
(Nov 24th, 2011)

Behind the house.
(Jun 20th, 2011)

Looking straight at the camera.
(Jun 7th, 2011)

A sunny, winter day.
(Feb 19th, 2011)

Don't these look great on me?
(Jun 5th, 2010)

Hanging out in the yard.
(Apr 25th, 2010)

I am an April fool!
(Apr 1st, 2010)

Watching the ducks at the Eno.
(Mar 7th, 2010)

Please can I go outside in the snow?
(Jan 30th, 2010)

Keeping my feet warm.
(Jan 30th, 2010)

Christmas 2009.
(Dec 25th, 2009)

Checking out the borders of my new yard!
(Aug 14th, 2009)

Sleeping on the last remaining carpet pad at my new house.
(Aug 14th, 2009)

Originally I was allowed to walk on the wood floors, but now I have to wait while they get refinished.
(Aug 11th, 2009)

I am moving! This picture was from my very first trip to my new house.
(Aug 11th, 2009)

Thanksgiving 2008.
(Nov 27th, 2008)

Thanksgiving 2008.
(Nov 27th, 2008)

Thanksgiving 2008.
(Nov 27th, 2008)

Thanksgiving 2008.
(Nov 27th, 2008)

What's inside that camera?
(Mar 7th, 2008)

Waiting for dinner....
(Mar 5th, 2008)

Leap day? I'll leap into my new bed.
(Feb 29th, 2008)

I didn't want to sit still for a picture, but I had to prove I can be patient, sometimes.
(Feb 14th, 2008)

I wore green for St. Patrick's Day! I went to PetSmart to show it off, too.
(Mar 17th, 2007)

Finally, a new good picture of me for my website.
(Dec 16th, 2006)

Is it supposed to be this warm in December?
(Dec 16th, 2006)

Me with Santa, again. I'd rather just stay home.
(Dec 9th, 2006)

I went to my second APS Walk for the Animals! Read more here.
(May 20th, 2006)

Occasionally, I actually don't look like I'm getting into trouble.
(Feb 23rd, 2006)

The path between the fence and the bushes is one of my favorite ways to get around the yard.
(Feb 23rd, 2006)

More adventures with Scout.
(Feb 5th, 2006)

Water is good no matter where it comes from!
(Feb 5th, 2006)

Who cares if it's winter? You can still nap in the sun when it's 65 degrees outside!
(Feb 2nd, 2006)

I stayed at the vet's place for a few nights and they gave me a nice blue bandanna (and a bath!).
(Jan 9th, 2006)

I am on a tshirt! Actually, I'm on a few tshirts.
(Jan 5th, 2006)

I got lots of Christmas presents! Click here to watch me open one of them!
(Dec 25th, 2005)

Here's me and an unknown dog that came by himself and visited for awhile today.
(Dec 21st, 2005)

I got an email from Eric who said I looked like his friend Dakota, pictured here.
(Dec 18th, 2005)

I got my picture taken with Santa at PetSmart! It's not on my list of most fun stuff to do....
(Dec 17th, 2005)

I like to play in the rain and mud. A whole lot.
(Dec 15th, 2005)

I'm entering a contest with this photo. See more here.
(Oct 30th, 2005)

I was really asleep!
(Oct 28th, 2005)

Me relaxing on a visit to the river.
(Oct 16th, 2005)

A closeup of my nose.
(Sep 27th, 2005)

I like to watch from above.
(Sep 26th, 2005)

I'm getting big. Compare this with my first day home picture.
(Sep 21st, 2005)

My silly tail.
(Sep 8th, 2005)

My new, bigger collar!
(Sep 6th, 2005)

Me sleeping in the bathroom.
(Sep 4th, 2005)

(Aug 31st, 2005)

If it weren't for the leash, I would've had that squirrel!
(Aug 11th, 2005)

A stop in the shade is nice when you're walking in 90 degree weather.
(Aug 11th, 2005)

I weigh 44 lbs now!
(Aug 3rd, 2005)

This is a picture someone else took of me.
(Jul 24th, 2005)

Here's my new rope toy. Fashionable, isn't it?
(Jul 11th, 2005)

I wore my patriotic bandanna for July 4th (actually, it just means I got a bath at PetSmart)!
(Jul 4th, 2005)

Water stop!
(Jul 2nd, 2005)

Here's another dog I met on a walk around the neighborhood.
(Jul 2nd, 2005)

Here's a pawprint I left in the soft mud.
(Jul 2nd, 2005)

Here I come!
(Jun 20th, 2005)

That camera is nice!
(Jun 19th, 2005)

You mean I'm supposed to sleep in my bed?
(Jun 18th, 2005)

Don't interrupt dinner!
(Jun 17th, 2005)

I'm just not interested in playing with toys tonight.
(Jun 6th, 2005)

I'm braving the vacuum cleaner here. Usually I don't like it, even when it's off.
(May 29th, 2005)

Here's me and my cousin-dog, Scout, who came to visit for a weekend!
(May 27th, 2005)

Window-watching is a great activity.
(May 26th, 2005)

Half of the time, I get put in here; the other half, I'm in here by choice.
(May 24th, 2005)

Here's me at another walk for the homeless dogs. Someone said I should be next year's spokesdog!
(May 21st, 2005)

I almost match the carpet.
(May 20th, 2005)

I usually eat all of my food, but sometimes I can be picky!
(May 19th, 2005)

Me sitting nicely during a walk.
(May 18th, 2005)

(May 17th, 2005)

In trouble, again.
(May 11th, 2005)

I carry around this stick, even though it's bigger than me.
(May 10th, 2005)

Here's me laying out in the sun.
(May 9th, 2005)

Here's me in my new bed!
(May 8th, 2005)

Here's me playing with another dog at a SPCA walk for homeless dogs.
(May 7th, 2005)

Here's me finally getting out of trouble and having a good time with my bone.
(May 6th, 2005)

I'm playing with my rings again.
(May 5th, 2005)

My leg is in an odd position here.
(May 4th, 2005)

I don't scratch as much as I used to, but I still do from time to time.
(Apr 29th, 2005)

Me after I was out in the rain.
(Apr 28th, 2005)

I know that squirrel is up there somewhere!
(Apr 27th, 2005)

Sometimes I get lifted up into my owner's lap. It's not my favorite place, but I'll tolerate it long enough for a picture.
(Apr 26th, 2005)

One of my more usual sleeping positions.
(Apr 25th, 2005)

Picture time, AGAIN?
(Apr 24th, 2005)

I wanna play!
(Apr 23rd, 2005)

Actually, I usually sleep with my feet in the air.
(Apr 22nd, 2005)

Me after a walk in the hot weather.
(Apr 20th, 2005)

I think this bone is my new favorite toy.
(Apr 19th, 2005)

What's up?
(Apr 18th, 2005)

I like napping.
(Apr 17th, 2005)

This is what I look like from the top.
(Apr 16th, 2005)

Here is me laying down in my crate.
(Apr 15th, 2005)

I'm not getting into trouble! Honest!
(Apr 14th, 2005)

Here's me playing with my toy!
(Apr 13th, 2005)

Here I am, just being cute!
(Apr 12th, 2005)

I've been losing my teeth!
(Apr 11th, 2005)

Here's a picture of a dog we went past on yesterday's walk.
(Apr 10th, 2005)

Maybe I should start going to bed earlier.
(Apr 9th, 2005)

I'm trying to be on my best behavior, here.
(Apr 8th, 2005)

I got my first bath and nail trim today. They said I behaved very well. And they gave me new clothes!
(Apr 7th, 2005)

This is me when I get tired.
(Apr 6th, 2005)

I like playing in the leaves!
(Mar 30th, 2005)

Me and my reflection.
(Mar 19th, 2005)

Squirrel watching is fun. And there was ice that day!
(Mar 17th, 2005)

Being sick really takes the energy out of you.
(Mar 12th, 2005)

This is when I got sick. But I took some medicine and I'm better now!
(Mar 10th, 2005)

This is my frog. I've bathed him in my water bowl twice!
(Mar 8th, 2005)

I stayed in the kitchen at first, until I got my crate.
(Mar 4th, 2005)

This is my first day home. I still had floppy ears then!
(Mar 3rd, 2005)

This is me before I came home from the shelter.
(Feb 27th, 2005)