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Spokesdog Entry

Humans: please read this to your pets; they're the ones I want to vote for me.

Hello, I'm a dog named Mercedes. I'm not going to rely on having someone tell you why I'd be the best spokesdog. If you want a good spokesdog, you need to start with one that will at least speak for itself. So without further adieu, here's what I think:

Ten Reasons I Am The Best Choice For Spokesdog
- I converse with other dogs before humans even wake up.
- I have a website that's only for me and my dog friends. No people.
- I'm not easily bribed by food.
- I have a nice, loud bark.
- People use the word beautiful when they talk about me.
- I don't get carsick.
- I did the APS Walk for the Animals when I was only six months old.
- My favorite part of training class is the other dogs.
- I'm a mixed breed, so I'm not biased against any particular breeds.
- I came from the Durham APS, so I know what it's like to be homeless.

If you still need convincing, if you need me to speak for you, or if you just want to send me some e-mail, see my website at http://www.mercedesthedog.info/

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