Here are some of my favorite toys!
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This is my tug-of-war toy. I'll bring it right up to you so we can play!

I can get any treat out of this ball, usually pretty fast, too!

Originally there were three rings on this toy, but I broke one off.

This used to be a frisbee.

For my birthday, PetSmart sent me a coupon for a free toy! So I got this Wiggly Giggly, but I broke it on the first night I had it, so I don't get to play with it anymore.

This football squeaks very loudly. It's the greatest toy ever! Sometimes I rip off the green stuff, but it hasn't broken like most of my other toys.

This is my purple pig. I haven't really played with it too much.

This squeaky lizard lasted about an hour before I tore his tail off and his stuffing out.

This is what I've done to my bear. The stuffing, squeaker, and ears are gone, now.

I got a squeaky bear, but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. It came with free treats!

I ripped a hole in my stuffed frog, so I got a new one that's about 3 times as big! The eyes lasted for about 30 seconds.

At first I had the small-sized puppy kong, but I quickly moved up to the large-sized one (I just skipped right over the medium size). Sometimes there are treats inside of it, but usually I just chew on it because I'm not too good at getting the treats out. Update: I'm getting much better at getting the treats out!

Here's ducky! Ducky is just like froggy, except newer. I just got him on April 3rd. As you can see, he still has eyes and hair, at the moment. Froggy had those once, too....

This is my froggy. He's one of my very first toys! He has a squeaker inside which makes lots of noise when I chew on him. And if you make the squeaky noise, then I'll run to play with you. I like to carry him around, and sometimes I forget he's in my mouth when I go to drink my water, so he gets a bath.

I'm not too good with this one yet. I can grab it from your hand, or I can chase it if you throw it, but it's very hard to pick up once it's on the ground, which is where it always seems to be when I go after it.

I like the dirty old tennis ball. It happens to be just about the right size for my mouth, and it's not slippery like my other red ball. Usually, I'll even bring it back if you throw it.

This is a good toy to chew on. Just the other day, I even went and got it myself when I needed something to chew, instead of getting something I wasn't supposed to have!

Here's my clicker. When I hear the noise it makes, I know I'm going to get a treat, so I train my owner to click it by showing off what I've learned.

This is my nylabone. Last time I played with it, I hurt my mouth! I have another one that's not chewed up as much, yet. Update: The reason my mouth hurt was because I was losing teeth! I've switched to a brown one now, but this is definitely one of my favorite chew toys.